Celebrating Pride Month and Creating a Ferndale for All

Today is the first day of Pride month and as a proud member of Ferndale’s LGBTQA+ community, I want to hold space for those who have gone before, who have fought and struggled for our rights.

There is still more to be done but I promise you, I will never stop fighting to make Ferndale a welcoming and inclusive space for all

Campaign Code of Conduct

Dear Volunteer,

Kate Bishop for Ferndale City Council (“the Campaign”) expects all volunteers and parties associated with the Campaign to respect the rights and opinions of others and to refrain from behavior that impairs our mission, purpose, or culture of empowerment in the workspace of our campaign.

The Campaign is committed to providing an environment conducive to progress, empowerment, and political leadership and maintaining a work environment that is free from any kind of harassment, bullying, intimidation, discrimination, or assault. Behavior inconsistent with this standard of conduct is unprofessional, inappropriate, and inconsistent with our cultural values and will be grounds for dismissal from the Campaign.

The Campaign expects all volunteers to treat one another and the public equitably, fairly, and with professionalism and respect at all times. The Campaign encourages its volunteers to report behavior that is unprofessional, inappropriate, unfair, or inequitable. Retaliation for reporting inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. The Campaign is committed to ensuring that no volunteer or associated party experiences an adverse effect or consequence as the result of speaking up. Reports may be directed to Kate Bishop. Alternatively, reports may be made confidentially to Faline Jett (contact information will be provided.)

The Campaign encourages its volunteers and others to take action to make our community better. That means we all need to do our part to create an environment that is empowering, equitable, and enjoyable for all who wish to be a part of our campaign. This includes reporting misconduct and/or identifying inappropriate behavior as such when we observe it as bystanders.

All volunteers and associated parties will be treated fairly and equitably, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, genetic information, disability, or veteran status.

By agreeing to volunteer for this campaign, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by this code of conduct for the duration of your participation in the Campaign.

Thank you for your help and support.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Kate Bishop

Councilmember Kate Bishop Launches Reelection Campaign


After four years on the Ferndale City Council, Kate Bishop announces her campaign for reelection. 

“It is an incredible honor serving as your voice on the City Council, but our work is just beginning,” said Bishop. “As a social services professional and working mom, I bring a unique perspective and am ready to keep fighting for our local businesses, playgrounds and neighborhoods.” 

Bishop has served as the Mayor Pro Tem for the last two years where she helped the city navigate a difficult transition between Mayor Mutchler and incoming Mayor Hansen. She currently serves as the chair of the Finance and Administration committee, providing essential oversight on the city budget. In 2019, Bishop helped create the North Whatcom Poverty Task Force, and leads the charge to invest in affordable housing in Ferndale.

“We need big, bold action on affordable housing so that rising property values don’t push us out of our homes,” said Bishop. “Ferndale is a community for all, not just all who can afford it.”

“We have all experienced the trauma of last year but we will not let it define us. Join me in fighting for local businesses, affordable housing and justice,” said Bishop. 

Bishop will be holding a campaign kickoff online on Zoom on April 27th, To receive the link, please email the campaign at kate4Ferndale@gmail.com. To sign up to volunteer with the campaign or donate, please go to kateforferndale.com.